Eclipse™ Lab Designer

The Eclipse Lab Designer makes it easy to plan lines of casework and wall mounted cabinets simply by clicking any of the many styles and sizes available to you. Once you've finished your design and submitted, IAC will email you an obligation-free Quote and Drawing(s) of your configuration(s) within 48-hours.

Step 1 of 2: Click to Assemble Your Casework & Cabinets

The Lab Designer Working Areas:

Product Selection: Choose the Casework or Wall Cabinet styles here to add to your wall. Product types are grouped on the left side. Select any of the sub-groups to display the various styles and sizes available. When you click on a button, that piece of furniture will be added to the Build Area. Spacers are available for doors, windows, and equipment (see the button in the "Add a Spacer" section for more information).

Build Area: Here you will see your various selections grow into a complete line of casework and/or wall cabinets. You can click & drag any of the items left or right to reposition them. Or delete an item by dragging it down to the red area beneath the build area.